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Cast, Crew, and Companions

Hello one and all involved with my project Going Rogue. I understand 2020 has been really rough on all of us. The world has been halted for us and America isn't letting this go anytime soon.


I personally will continue to work on this project in the background until tensions, and accessibility restrictions are lowered. However, dragging others along such an unsure path is unwise at this point in time as it not only stresses you out, but adds stress on my life.


There are other more possible projects I'm working on from in quarantine and believe that will help me reach my goals for my short film while waiting. Being my first short film being led solely by myself, this has been a difficult decision to say the least. I sincerely hope no one interested in working on this project are dissuaded from helping me in the future.


I simply cannot guarantee an effective line of work or consistent organization during the circumstances. I've been settling into my parent's basement, moving in from a college house (as professional artists do) and this overload of work has made it near impossible to focus on the necessary components for this film.


Now where do we go from here? Well, for one, we play my (LEAST) favorite game, the waiting game. This year has both taken ages as well as flew past. I think our best course of action involves just riding out the end of this storm. Everything good and bad must end and when this eventually does, we can hope to see each other more in person, on solid schedules, and refreshed, excited, and ready.


I am sorry once again for the holdup, even though you were all simply providing me the service. I appreciate all of you and please feel free to keep in touch with me as I will keep you all updated as the world turns.

Thank you Rogues! <3

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