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A slice-of-life tale in a world following
the peak of superheroes, and now in their decline.
This story follows two wannabe Villains: Cypress (left) and Jay (right):

Cypress has chlorokinetic powers and is a symbiote of plant and animal, a hybrid. Jay ran away from his perfect, privileged life to live his life to the fullest as a bad guy. They return to their lair one day, but find that a little girl has intruded. This girl confides that she’s wanted by the government, as she has powers: the knowledge of everything, but not all at once. With Superheroes breathing down their necks, the government is the last thing they need. Now the pair must figure out how to dispose of her, while others contribute conflicting opinions on the matter. But it's up to them to make the decision on what to do: Help her, Leave her, or...Kill her.

Cypress Dwale.png
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